Sean Young, Blade Runner

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

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David Thomson

"As for me, you can have all the Indian Jones films if I can keep thirty minutes of Blade Runner. I prefer, and find so much more pathos and interest in, Harrison Ford when he sometimes wonders not just whether his girl is a replicant but whether he, Rick Deckard, might be one, too...."

"....In the most direct sense, Deckard had to know or guess, and he lives with the mystery as to whether Rachael (Sean Young)---the inventor's daughter, and "special"--is someone he can love or may have to kill. (The vexed career of the glorious Ms. Young was never as well served as here.)

"So the agent's grim progress by way of one replicant after another--Brion James, the staggering Joanna Cassidy, the amazing Daryl Hannah, and the truly noble Rutger Hauer--is not just his task, but seemingly the destruction of the most vivid people in the film.... [T]his was the first occasion on which I felt that Scott is so good a director he could handle nearly anything...."

David Thomson
"Have You Seen...? A Personal Introduction to 1,000 Films" (2008), p. 106